Billy Elkins

Kodak Photo Paper is the only choice for this Florida professional photographer

Billy Elkins is a professional photographer and graphic designer based out of Sarasota, Florida with over 20 years of experience. He specializes in commercial and portrait photography and is a respected teacher, giving private instruction and speaking at many workshops, seminars and educational events. He has donated his time and talent to numerous charitable organizations including working with adoption services to bring awareness of the plight of special-needs orphaned children in the Ukraine.

“It’s people that inspire me,” says Billy, “I enjoy capturing the spirit of the moment and I want to tell a story with my images. I use Kodak PROFESSIONAL Photo Paper because it is a brand that my clients and I can trust.”

With incomparable quality, accurate color reproduction, and unsurpassed longevity, Kodak PROFESSIONAL Photo Papers offer the right choice for every image and is the brand that professionals rely on. But Kodak Photo Paper is not just for the experts, Billy believes that the future of photographic printing is very much alive and that technology is only going to make printing beautiful images available and easier for people from all walks of life.

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Offer Kodak PROFESSIONAL Photo Papers, the brand that professionals choose and the quality media that consistently provides superior color reproduction and high-resolution output.

"The ability to capture life as it happens is a gift. Nature inspires us and awakens our senses. Beauty can be found in every creature, large or small and is an inspiration to create images that reflect that beauty." - Billy Elkins



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