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Tuesday, October 6, 2020
Kodak Dry Lab Price Reduction! You heard it right.

While the prices of many large format media are going up, Kodak Dry Lab prices just went down!

Effective immediately, the price of KODAK PROFESSIONAL Glossy and Lustre Dry Lab Photo Paper has been reduced.

The on-demand, dry lab photo print market is booming and creating a huge opportunity for both large and small businesses.

The Kodak brand watermark has long been a symbol of quality and consistency in the world of photography, and now, your customers can offer the world-recognized branded paper at the same price as white-labeled, inferior photo paper.

KODAK PROFESSIONAL Dry Lab Paper features a true photographic resin-coated base with a bright white point for clean details producing high-end photographs, fine art reproductions, photo albums, greeting cards, photo books and more.

Low-cost, Kodak quality, and free shipping—now’s the time to take advantage of the Dry Lab opportunity with Kodak Dry Lab products!

Watch the video HERE.

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