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Monday, March 16, 2020
Iconic Messages Need Iconic Paper

The power of print is still unparalleled, and the printed poster is one medium that has yet to be replaced. Posters don’t just illustrate our culture, history, dreams and aspirations – they shape them. Whether plastered on walls of coffee shops, bedrooms, rock concerts and political rallies or framed and mounted in galleries and museums, posters are both works of art and calls for change. 

The evolution of the poster is inextricably linked to advances in print technology. The Kodak brand name is synonymous with fine art and photo paper. Kodak fine art and photo paper have been engineered to work with the latest generation of wide format printers from Canon, Epson and HP to provide full-color density, a wide color gamut and print breathtaking image quality suitable for posters and photo reproductions of the highest quality.

Kodak paper has received the respected ArtSure certification by the Fine Art Trade Guild’s print registration program, meeting their high standard of printing, including the use of approved materials that have been independently tested for their archival properties of light fastness and permanence.

The world’s best posters need the world’s best paper.


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