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Sunday, May 9, 2021
Grow your Business with Free Marketing Tools

Developing and creating effective marketing campaigns takes time, creativity, know-how and money—but the efforts mean one thing—profits. At BMG, we’ve got marketing and training tools to help you persuade and inform your customers about the benefits of Kodak Wide-Format Printing Materials.

Our Kodak Support Hub provides email templates, videos, technical datasheets, swatch samples, imagery and more for Kodak Wide Format Media you can use or share with your customers. With these resources, you can reach your market with effective email campaigns, inform them of new product applications, educate them with instructional videos, and provide them information about the versatile line of Kodak media products.

Download these assets, or we can customize the templates and videos with your logo and company contact information, all completely FREE! We invite you to visit the Kodak Support Hub and take advantage of the latest materials available to promote Kodak products.

For questions or assistance, contact your Kodak Wide-Format Media Specialist at 888-893-4668, visit us at or email