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Monday, September 27, 2021
Fall is in the Air—and Opportunities Abound for KODAK Wide-Format Media

Looking for market opportunities to target this Fall for wide-format media? Relax with your pumpkin spice latte because there are plenty:

School Sports are back, and schools, professional photographers and parents will be anxious to make up for lost time with photos of their athletes and teams. KODAK Photo Paper is the brand they can trust for its exceptional print quality and longevity.

Octoberfest Celebrations take advantage of cooler weather for outdoor events bringing photo opportunities with art and community organizations.

Halloween provides a scary amount of retail promotion and marketing activity. Kodak has media for POP, retail signage, and displays — wherever you want to make a statement with rich, vibrant images.

 Black Friday is an opportunity for most businesses to offer deals and specials and a chance to grow their market, so stock up on KODAK Wide-Format Media now.

Check out these Fall Favorites perfect for a variety of applications:

KODAK Wide-Format Media

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