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Tuesday, October 4, 2022
5 Innovations that will Keep Photo Printing Alive

Today, people are taking more pictures than ever, but fewer of them end up as printed photographs. Still, technical innovation is changing aspects of the print industry and injecting it with new energy and possibilities, keeping photo printing alive.

These key innovations will prove important for the photo print industry as it goes forward.

  1. Mobile Ordering Platforms — The growth of mobile ordering platforms makes it possible for smartphone users to easily purchase photo and canvas prints and albums, suggesting mobile will be a big part of the photo industry's future.
  2. Album Design Software — New software helps streamline album design, giving customers more creative capabilities in photo layout and graphic design. The ability to crop, edit and add graphics and captions to photos gives users artistic options.
  3. Artificial Intelligence Software AI photo editors can detect a subject in an image, enhance it, remove, and replace the background around it, apply effects, color correct, and more.
  4. Web-to-Print CommerceCustomers can now order an endless list of personalized merchandise online, including everything from photo reproductions, décor items, apparel, mugs, and gifts.
  5. New Photo Products — While individual print sales have declined, wall art, stretched canvas, adhesive fabric decals, and large prints are growing in popularity. 

Suppliers and end-users can adapt to the changes in the market by investing in technology, training, and state-of-the-art media. Below are some great products to take advantage of these trends.

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