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Tuesday, March 22, 2022
Why do Fine Art Photographers choose KODAK Paper?

A fine art photograph goes beyond a literal representation and expresses the feelings and vision of the photographer. Fine art photographers take meticulous care in every aspect of making the photograph—in the field, digital post-processing, and printing. The camera is a tool to create a work of art, and the paper is one more tool to enhance their vision.

Artists and photographers choose KODAK Photo and Fine Art Paper because it is one of the most widely recognized and trusted brands of professional photographers and artists.


  • Yield a truer black, have a higher D-max, dry instantly, and have a brighter white point than other popular brands
  • 100% cotton and acid-free to last for decades
  • Independently tested for archival properties of lightfastness and permanence.
  • Heavy 315g fine art papers prevent curling and strengthen the print
  • No OBAs
  • Economically priced

If your customers print high-quality inkjet art reproductions, provide fine art printing, or simply want a great printed image, offer them the best:

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