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Tuesday, April 12, 2022
Weddings + Wide-Format = Win-Win

Wedding season is upon us, and besides the invitations, there are many opportunities for wide-format print applications that can help create a unique experience throughout the "big day" and beyond. Wedding photos are timeless, and there is no replacement for holding a precious printed wedding album that doesn't rely on an Internet connection, a password, or a power source.

KODAK PROFESSIONAL Photo Paper has been the choice of professional wedding photographers for over 100 years.

Print service providers can also offer framed or canvas portraits.

Welcome and directional signage, backdrops, and posters set the tone and direct traffic.

Stock up now for the wedding demand. KODAK Wide-Format Media has many options for all your customers' needs.

KODAK Wide-Format Media + Weddings = A match made in heaven!

Watch the VIDEO HERE!

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