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Sunday, August 7, 2022
Having Trouble Finding Dry Lab Photo Paper?

You may have noticed; that some manufacturers are behind in or eliminating their Dry Lab Photo Paper line production. Partly to blame are the two most hated words of 2022— “supply chain,” an issue causing significant disruptions to manufacturers, suppliers, and photo retailers. We can help!Our portfolio of KODAK PROFESSIONAL Dry Lab Photo Paper is fully stocked, readily available, and ready to ship!

KODAK PROFESSIONAL Dry Lab Photo Paper is compatible with Noritsu, Fuji, and Epson Dry Lab printers and is accepted industry-wide as a high-performing paper for digital dry lab technology.

This 10-mil, 255g resin-coated paper produces high-end photography with greater saturation, contrast, and vibrant, accurate color. KODAK PROFESSIONAL Dry Lab Paper also has the KODAK back print seal, signifying the KODAK quality standard that consumers have come to recognize.

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