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Wednesday, January 25, 2023
A Portfolio of KODAK Paper is Now FSC®-certified!

What does that mean?

FSC®-certified papers are sourced from responsibly managed forests that ensure trees are replanted and that wildlife, local communities, and the environment are not harmed. The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) tracks its paper from forest to consumer.

Why it matters?

One and a half acres of forest are cut down every second. The rate of deforestation equals the loss of 36 football fields every minute. Loss of forests contributes between 12% and 17% of annual greenhouse gas emissions….and we could go on and on.

Resellers and print providers that offer their customers FSC®-certified papers demonstrate a commitment to supporting sustainable printing practices that help our planet, which in addition, helps their brand. Consumers care increasingly about environmental issues. FSC®-certified paper is fast becoming the norm in the print industry. And this is the way we change the world—print by print.

KODAK Wide-Format Printing Materials

KODAK is focused on developing innovative printing products that care for people and the planet and help create profitable growth for our customers. As a reseller, you can be proud to offer KODAK Wide-format Printing Materials, which—as well as being certified sustainable by one of the world’s most respected non-profit organizations—offers high-quality, superior wide-format media products.

Click here to find a list of KODAK FSC-certified papers

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Sunday, January 8, 2023
2023: Photo & Fine Art Printing Trends

According to Rise Above Research, * photo and fine art printing remain popular among all age groups, with the 25-35-year age group being the highest percentage. The growth in the number of photos taken every day is staggering, making it a great time to be in the digital imaging market.

Some trends to be aware of in 2023:

  • E-Commerce- A key factor for growth is the increasing e-commerce sector. A multitude of online shops dedicated to photo and fine art printing have popped up in the marketplace. Demand for personalized gifts and decorative products is booming and is estimated to grow by 8.3% CAGR. *
  • AI-based photo software- This cutting-edge technology uses artificial intelligence to detect the subject or background in an image and, with a click, enhance it, remove it, or apply corrective photo effects. AI photo software edits the photo without manual retouching, saving time, cost, and labor.
  • Mobile sales- The number of print consumers placing orders via mobile is steadily increasing, and the use of responsive web design (RWD) facilitates optimizing a website for mobile use. If you haven’t already, 2023 is the year to make your website mobile friendly.
  • Substrate versatility- Versatile print media products help expand print operations into emerging markets like home décor, packaging, advertising, and event graphics.

KODAK Wide-format Media continues to adapt to changes in the market and provides quality, versatile products for photo prints, canvas art, cards, banners, and more. Stay on top of market trends and offer your customers state-of-the-art KODAK Wide-format Media designed to fit your customer’s changing needs.

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