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Tuesday, February 14, 2023
No. 1 Factor in Creating Beautiful Photo Reproductions = Paper

Technology + Art
Photography has become a combination of technology and art. Artists interested in accurate reproductions of their work must understand not only the software, printer hardware, and principles of color management and file output but also the most critical element of fine art reproduction—the paper! The choice of paper is an artistic choice but also involves crucial technical factors that impact the final piece, such as texture, weight, thickness, how it renders the original with color accuracy and details, and archival permanence.

It's the Paper
Artists and photographers want predictable paper that they can rely on for consistent results every time. And they want paper they know is certified sustainable. A portfolio of KODAK Photo Papers is now FSC®-certified, which means it's sourced from responsibly managed forests that ensure trees are replanted and the environment is not harmed.

Professional photographers choose KODAK PROFESSIONAL Fine Art & Photo Media:

  • Most widely recognized and trusted brands of professional photographers
  • True blacks, a higher D-max, instant drying, with a brighter white point
  • Acid-free to last for decades
  • Heavy 255g paper prevents curling and strengthens the print
  • Compatible with the latest wide format printers, including Canon, Epson & HP
  • Economically priced
  • FSC®-certified—check out the full list of KODAK FSC®-certified products 

If your customers print high-quality inkjet art reproductions, provide fine art printing, or simply want a great printed image, offer them the best:

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