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Monday, April 22, 2024
Celebrate Earth Day with Sustainable Printing Solutions: KODAK FSC®-certified paper

Happy Earth Day, the day to celebrate our planet and reflect on ways to positively impact the environment. KODAK is committed to offering eco-friendly printing solutions and has a portfolio of FSC®-certified (FSC-C115319) papers. These papers are sourced from responsibly managed forests that ensure trees are replanted, and that wildlife, local communities, and the environment are not harmed. By buying FSC®-certified products, you help take care of the world’s forests -

Sustainability is not only the right thing to do for our environment but also for business. It is fast becoming a requirement to compete in the rapidly growing market of eco-conscious print consumers.

Celebrate Earth Day with Us

  • Spread the word and encourage your customers to embrace sustainable printing practices with FSC®-certified (FSC-C115319) KODAK Wide-Format Media.

Here are just a few of our FSC®-certified media products:

FSC Forests for all forever

Click here to find the complete list of KODAK FSC®-certified media:

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