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Sunday, May 19, 2024
Capture a Piece of the Growing Eco-conscious Photo Market with Low-cost KODAK Photo Paper!

Growing market of environmentally conscious consumers

The growing awareness of environmental issues and the desire to protect the planet and live a more sustainable lifestyle have driven the adoption of eco-conscious buying by consumers in all industries, including photography. Photographers are looking for options for eco-friendly printing materials, which often come at a higher price. KODAK Photo Paper offers high-quality prints without the hefty price tag typically associated with sustainable options.

KODAK Wide-Format Media is now FSC®-certified (FSC-C115319)

KODAK Wide-Format Media offers a portfolio of FSC®-certified products, meaning the paper is sourced from responsibly managed forests that ensure trees are replanted and that wildlife and the environment are not harmed.

Check out the new KODAK Premium Satin Photo Paper, 240gsm. This satin-finish paper has the superior quality of the KODAK brand and is one of the most affordable choices on the market. After research and comparison, we are confident that KODAK Premium Satin Photo Paper, 240gsm, is among your most economical options—even after manufacturer’s rebates. This low-gloss, resin-coated photo paper provides rich, true-to-life colors and stunning clarity, with a weight (240 gsm) and thickness (9.5 mil) comparable to other popular brands.

Another low-cost solution is FSC®-certified KODAK PROFESSIONAL Satin Photo Paper, 270gsm, a resin-coated, satin-finish paper with low glare for portraits, fine art reproductions, interior décor, retail, events, and more.

Why pay more when you can get environmentally assured KODAK Photo Paper at a fraction of the price? Find more environmentally friendly products HERE.

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Sunday, May 5, 2024
5 Tips to Celebrate National Photo Month

May is National Photography Month—31 days to celebrate the power of photography and its ability to capture life’s special moments. It’s also the unofficial start of summer filled with graduations, proms, spring dances, weddings, and countless opportunities to create lasting KODAK memories.

Take this occasion to inform your customers of this special event. KODAK Wide-Format Media offers superior color reproduction and high-resolution output that can enhance a photographer’s work and give them a variety of applications.

Build on this free publicity and leverage National Photography Month to connect with your customers in a variety of ways:

  1. Run a Photo Contest: Encourage participants to share their best photos and use the hashtags #celebratephotos #NationalPhotographyMonth #kodakwideformatmedia
  2. Offer Special Deals: Encourage customers to stock up on KODAK media with special offers
  3. Share Photography Tips: Offer tips and best practices
  4. Host an Event: Provide a platform for photographers to engage in photography-focused activities
  5. Social Media Campaign: Encourage customers to share their KODAK moments 

KODAK Wide-Format Media

Our KODAK Support Hub provides many resources to help you make the most of National Photography Month.


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