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Wednesday, January 3, 2024
Year in Review: Check out KODAK Products Introduced in 2023!
Are You Offering Your Customers the Latest KODAK Wide-Format Products?

The print industry is thriving with new technology and evolving demands for print professionals. Sustainability, AI, special effects, new substrates, and short-run printing are just a few challenges. KODAK has provided great print solutions for over 120 years based on a history of innovation and research.

In 2023, KODAK Wide-Format Media introduced the following unique, state-of-the-art products:

Offer your customers the latest, cutting-edge printing materials.

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Sunday, November 19, 2023
We will be closed for Thanksgiving: Thursday, Nov 23 & Friday, Nov 24

If you need to place orders for KODAK products this week, we are here to help, so please call us by the end of the day on Wednesday, November 22.

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We hope you have a fun and safe holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!
Tuesday, February 14, 2023
No. 1 Factor in Creating Beautiful Photo Reproductions = Paper

Technology + Art
Photography has become a combination of technology and art. Artists interested in accurate reproductions of their work must understand not only the software, printer hardware, and principles of color management and file output but also the most critical element of fine art reproduction—the paper! The choice of paper is an artistic choice but also involves crucial technical factors that impact the final piece, such as texture, weight, thickness, how it renders the original with color accuracy and details, and archival permanence.

It's the Paper
Artists and photographers want predictable paper that they can rely on for consistent results every time. And they want paper they know is certified sustainable. A portfolio of KODAK Photo Papers is now FSC®-certified, which means it's sourced from responsibly managed forests that ensure trees are replanted and the environment is not harmed.

Professional photographers choose KODAK PROFESSIONAL Fine Art & Photo Media:

  • Most widely recognized and trusted brands of professional photographers
  • True blacks, a higher D-max, instant drying, with a brighter white point
  • Acid-free to last for decades
  • Heavy 255g paper prevents curling and strengthens the print
  • Compatible with the latest wide format printers, including Canon, Epson & HP
  • Economically priced
  • FSC®-certified—check out the full list of KODAK FSC®-certified products 

If your customers print high-quality inkjet art reproductions, provide fine art printing, or simply want a great printed image, offer them the best:

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Tuesday, October 4, 2022
5 Innovations that will Keep Photo Printing Alive

Today, people are taking more pictures than ever, but fewer of them end up as printed photographs. Still, technical innovation is changing aspects of the print industry and injecting it with new energy and possibilities, keeping photo printing alive.

These key innovations will prove important for the photo print industry as it goes forward.

  1. Mobile Ordering Platforms — The growth of mobile ordering platforms makes it possible for smartphone users to easily purchase photo and canvas prints and albums, suggesting mobile will be a big part of the photo industry's future.
  2. Album Design Software — New software helps streamline album design, giving customers more creative capabilities in photo layout and graphic design. The ability to crop, edit and add graphics and captions to photos gives users artistic options.
  3. Artificial Intelligence Software AI photo editors can detect a subject in an image, enhance it, remove, and replace the background around it, apply effects, color correct, and more.
  4. Web-to-Print CommerceCustomers can now order an endless list of personalized merchandise online, including everything from photo reproductions, décor items, apparel, mugs, and gifts.
  5. New Photo Products — While individual print sales have declined, wall art, stretched canvas, adhesive fabric decals, and large prints are growing in popularity. 

Suppliers and end-users can adapt to the changes in the market by investing in technology, training, and state-of-the-art media. Below are some great products to take advantage of these trends.

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Monday, September 27, 2021
Fall is in the Air—and Opportunities Abound for KODAK Wide-Format Media

Looking for market opportunities to target this Fall for wide-format media? Relax with your pumpkin spice latte because there are plenty:

School Sports are back, and schools, professional photographers and parents will be anxious to make up for lost time with photos of their athletes and teams. KODAK Photo Paper is the brand they can trust for its exceptional print quality and longevity.

Octoberfest Celebrations take advantage of cooler weather for outdoor events bringing photo opportunities with art and community organizations.

Halloween provides a scary amount of retail promotion and marketing activity. Kodak has media for POP, retail signage, and displays — wherever you want to make a statement with rich, vibrant images.

 Black Friday is an opportunity for most businesses to offer deals and specials and a chance to grow their market, so stock up on KODAK Wide-Format Media now.

Check out these Fall Favorites perfect for a variety of applications:

KODAK Wide-Format Media

Watch the video here.

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