Get Kodak Quality on Epson Printers

Get Kodak Quality on Epson Printers

Are you looking for a quality photo paper alternative for owners of Epson Printers? KODAK Photo Paper has been tested to perform seamlessly on all Epson large-format printers. And KODAK Photo Paper is a lower-cost option with the guaranteed quality of the Kodak name.

Epson large-format printers support a range of photo paper brands. Still, the challenge in choosing the best quality comes down to several factors: coating, color range, d-max, archival properties, and instant-dry capability. KODAK Photo Paper yields a truer black, has a higher d-max, dries instantly, and has a brighter white point than other popular brands.

Many professional photographers and fine artists who make a print comparison of brands agree their images look better on KODAK PROFESSIONAL Photo Paper and canvas products.

And to ensure quality printing on all printer brands, Kodak provides you and your customers with color profiles to adjust settings for the optimum print quality on Kodak media.

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