'Prints for Refugees': Supporting 'Doctors of the World' through the Sale of Photographic Prints

'Prints for Refugees': Supporting 'Doctors of the World' through the Sale of Photographic Prints

London-based photographer, Mark Sherratt, was moved by heartbreaking news stories of the humanitarian crisis of displaced migrants fleeing war and genocide in their home countries. In response, Mark started the organization Prints for Refugees, a project selling art prints donated by photographers to support the work of Doctors of the World in their efforts to provide medical care to vulnerable refugees.

“The overwhelming response to the project has been amazing,” says Mark, “and has restored my faith in humanity. The organization has sold over £20,000 worth of prints from photographers from around the world with all the money going directly to Doctors of the World.”

Mark’s interest in people and making a positive contribution to the world is evident in his work. “One of the things I love most about photography,” he says, “is that having that camera in hand allows me access to places I wouldn’t normally be allowed to go and allows me to meet interesting people I wouldn’t normally meet.”

Mark likes to work with natural light, real expression, and interesting people in beautiful or unusual settings. He likes printing on thicker textured fine art paper for both his commercial and personal work including KODAK PROFESSIONAL Inkjet Textured Fine Art Paper / 315g. The quality of KODAK PROFESSIONAL Inkjet Textured Fine Art Paper / 315g is second to none,” Mark says, “I like the warm tone of the paper that works well with the images of people and the texture adds a wonderful visceral feel.” Some of Mark’s clients include Gap, Buxton Water, Trevor Sorbie, Post Office, Action for Children, Amnesty International, The National Trust, Virgin, Honda, and Monocle Magazine. Check out his work at www.marksherratt.com.

If you want to help Mark in his charitable efforts go to www.printsforrefugees.com.

Kodak’s line of KODAK PROFESSIONAL Inkjet Photo Paper and KODAK PROFESSIONAL Inkjet Fine Art Paper are favorites of photographers of all kinds because of the high-quality, wider color gamut and improved ink technology.

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