Prints: The Fastest-growing Segment of the Art Market

Prints: The Fastest-growing Segment of the Art Market

Prints and fine art reproductions have long been the ‘red-headed step-child’ of the Art World—not fully recognized. Limited editions are signed by the artist, but they are still facsimiles of the “real thing”—a way for fledgling art-buyers to boast, “I have a Peter Max on my wall” but not viewed by dealers as true art.

In the past few years, this notion has been changing and prints and multiples are gaining momentum. The prestigious Heritage Auction House increased the number of print auctions they perform from four times a year to once a month! Sales did so well, they decided to hold live and online auctions once a week for prints and multiples, and they still feel they are capturing only a fraction of the market.

The value of a print is determined by two things: the reputation of the artist and the quality of the print. Kodak Wide-format Media carries a line of fine art and photo papers that are of the utmost quality and are independently tested for archival and print quality by the ArtSure Trade Guild. The Fine Art Trade Guild has been the world’s leading independent print registration authority ensuring the highest standards for fine art prints giving art collectors and artists confidence and validity in limited edition prints including the use of approved materials such as Kodak Wide-format Media.

Kodak is proud to offer the following ArtSure-certified fine art and photo paper:

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