What's trending for the printing industry in 2019?

What's trending for the printing industry in 2019?

The good news for 2019 is print is still very much alive. Quocirca’s Global Print 2025* study showed that 64% of companies believe that printing will continue to be an important part of their day-to-day business even through 2025. Kodak Wide-format Media continues to adapt to changes in the market and strives to provide the same Kodak brand quality media you have come to know and expect.

Here are a few of the trends we are seeing in 2019:

  1. Retail Advertising—consumers are rebelling against the constant onslaught of digital ads with banner blindness and are turning to ad blockers to remove the digital noise causing marketers to look to print advertising to provide an exclusive marketing message that will be viewed multiple times by a captive audience. KODAK PROFESSIONAL Inkjet Photo Paper, Lustre is one of our best sellers for retail signage, engineered to lay flat with little to no curl for smooth, trouble-free print production.

  2. Printed photo products—whether ordering on mobile, websites or in retail stores, consumers will enjoy vastly expanding selections of personalized products because the range of digitally printable substrate options is constantly widening. Kodak Wide-format Media provides high-end, timeless appeal for photo albums, canvas prints, cards, banners and more.

  3. Customizable décor—digital printing brings one-of-a-kind images into interiors and helps create unusual, stylish and interesting wall décor for commercial, residential, government agencies, and almost any interior environment. Kodak offers KODAK Photo Tex Repositionable Fabric that is perfect for custom wall art and photographic reproductions.

  4. Brand values—consumers want more from brands than just products—they’re looking for companies with a commitment to social responsibility. Kodak has a long-standing tradition of giving that dates back to its founder, George Eastman, who gave away much of his fortune during his lifetime. Eastman established the tradition of community service that continues at Kodak today as seen in the Kodak Cares Partners in the Community program and many more socially based organizations and causes.

Stay on top of market trends and offer your customers state-of-the-art Kodak Wide-format Media products. 
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